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June 1, 2006

Google Search API 2.0

Google has created Google AJAX Search API, a JavaScript library that allows you to embed many flavors of Google Search into your site: Web Search, Local Search, Video and Blog Search. You can combine the search results from all these sources to obtain a beautiful sidebar like this. What's really nice is that you can customize the search box, the sources and the search is triggered on page load. Users of the site can use the search results to paste them in comments or other user-generated content.

Google AJAX Search API supports Firefox, Safari, and IE 6, it's still in an early phase of development and it's likely that it will include ads in the final release. This is probably the best API ever released by Google and it will certainly be more succesful than Google Maps mashups.

So it seems that Google tries hard to open its content to sites - they launched many APIs lately: GData, AdSense API, and now this very powerful Search API.

{Thank you, Garrett French }


  1. hey is the Google search (tat was previously given by google) still being supported... if so how to get the key for it??? and where to download this api from????

  2. Good question. This query will probably help:

    [intitle:"index of"] - find all the unprotected directories that contain Google's API archive. is an archive that has 666 KB and contains the WSDL file and examples for JAVA and .NET.

    You'll also find keys in one or more of these directories, but it's up to you to decide if you want to use other people's keys.

    Other query for finding keys:
    ["Your Google Web APIs license key is *"]

  3. @eshwar

    The Google Soap API was deprecated in December of 2006...

    @ everyone else

    To see an example of the Google AJAX Search API in action, visit SearchQuilt...

    It's a "universal search engine" using the Google AJAX Search API,
    Amazon and eBay APIs, AdSense, and a custom feed of popular searches
    from SEOmoz.

    You can search the web for videos, images, blogs, news, auctions, and products all on one page.

    The homepage features popular searches from Google, Yahoo, and AOL, so you can also use SearchQuilt to keep on top of what's buzzing.

    Let me know what you think!



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