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June 4, 2006

Native Google Earth for Linux

I posted earlier that Google prepares a version of Google Earth for Linux, after Picasa.

"Picasa, founded in 2001, was purchased by Google in July of 2004, and the photo management tool has seen some extensive use, albeit from Windows users. DiBona indicated that Google made a public committment to begin porting two applications to Linux about a year ago. The other application in this project is Google Earth. Picasa for Linux was announced first simply because it was finished first.

When asked if the additions to WINE would bootstrap Google Earth's porting progress, DiBona answered in the negative, explaining that Google Earth relied on Qt and GL libraries and code, so additional WINE support would not help. No timeline for that application's release was revealed at this time."

If we look at Picasa for Linux FAQ, we'll see an interesting line:

"If Picasa for Linux is successful, then other Google applications (and future versions of Picasa) may also be ported using Wine. (Google Earth won't be one of them, though; it will be a native Linux application.)"

For an interesting discussion about Linux and native implementations, check "Will Linux rule the world?" and the brilliant comments.

Update: Google Earth for Linux has been released.

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